Please let me introduce a NEW addition to the speciality range – Minor-8T – a comprehensive range of trace elements combined with 5% free amino acids (total natural amino acids 6%).

All plants require low concentrations of micronutrients for adequate growth and health.  On many sand construction root zones there can be a deficiency of trace element, even in soil based root zones availability can be compromised.

Minor-8T is formulated to deliver a balanced complement of secondary nutrients and micronutrients directly to the plant foliage where it can be readily absorbed and moved to its consumption points.  These nutrients are combined with amino acid to ensure a rapid correction and maintenance of nutrient levels.  The combination of balanced nutrients delivered with amino acids directly and efficiently to the plant, avoids multiple nutrient deficiency stresses, which may cause physiological disorders in plants.

The comprehensive formulation in Minor-8T helps avoid creating additional deficiencies caused by correcting single elements, (e.g. correction of an iron deficiency may induce a magnesium or zinc deficiency).

Product Features:-

·         Balanced secondary nutrients and micronutrients, there are eight of them – hence 8T in the name, combined with L-amino acids

·         Formulated for foliar performance and rapid nutrient absorption

·         Corrects and prevents micronutrient deficiencies

·         Helps produce greener, healthier and stronger plants.

·         Low proportion of nitrogen will not stimulate excess growth.

·         3 sources of nitrogen: nitric, ammoniacal, organic.

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